April 24, 2024

Stop it.  You guys are creeping me out.  Really.

If you look at the bottom of this webpage, you should see a little multi-colored cube located down there.  It’s commonly referred to as a “web bug”.  When your browser requests and loads the graphic, certain information is passed back to a statistics tracking agency.  Big companies (like Amazon) use it to track where you came from, what you looked at, how long you were on, and what was the last page you visited while there.  I use it just to get an idea of how many people come to the site, and if it is my witty banter, or soft-core porn that brings the viewers.

Under the REFERRERS section, it gives me a list of the websearches that were used to find this site.  Most of them are for the playball.avi, or  old radio stations I worked for.  However… there are a few that always raise eyebrows:

chris lester (no biggie, there are millions of us)
lester radio g105
wv “chris lester”*

and my personal favorite….

chris lester guam
(Scotch-Irish surnames are BIG in the Marianas Islands…)

So…. If you have a kid that you think is mine, and  I don’t know about…. a head start would be much appreciated.


Or you could sign the guestbook, and alleviate my fears.

*In all seriousness, a moment of silence and respect for the “other” Chris Lester from WV.  He was raised in Pineville, was also a member of the Air Force, and died way too young (19) at Kohbar Towers  in Saudi Arabia.  I was working active duty (in the Reserves) when that happened.  The two things of note: The number of friends trying to find me after that happened (Family knows my middle  name is Chris), and my NCOIC in Pittsburgh (SMSgt Robert Holland, RIP) had a son that was also in the towers when the blast occurred.  (Robbie Jr. was just fine though.)  Keep up the good name until I get there, Chris.  And Aim High.

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