June 24, 2024

Hurricane Isabel has come and gone, with little fanfare in the Triangle area.  The eastern areas of the state got hit pretty good though.

So, my dad is closing in on the 2 year mark as a North Carolina resident.  (He was born in Kentucky, so no “Yankee” jokes.)  Isabel marks his (and his wife’s) first encounter with Hurricanes.  It was not a good introduction.  Living a little farther east than I do, he got hit a little harder than we did.  Hit to the tune of two trees through the upstairs roof.

So he has two trees through the roof, and a hurricane still raging outside, when the hospital calls to tell him that someone has fallen down a flight of steps and needs to have the fracture pinned (apparently pinned=the messed it up bad.)  Not only are there trees protruding through his house, but the other trees that have fallen down are now blocking the roads out of the neighborhood.

So he gets on my step mom’s bike, and sets out in the storm.

He relayed to me that he thinks maybe the eye was passing over at the time (although at that point it had lost quite a bit of definition) because it wasn’t nearly as bad as he thought it would be.  Half way to the hospital the driver they had sent out made contact with him and took him the rest of the way in.

I told him he was liable to end up with the reputation of “The Crazy Bike Riding Doctor”.  He’s hoping they only part of the story that survives is that he did the job during the hurricane.

I love you Dad, but I’m lobbying for the bike story!

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