May 19, 2024

Audrey had the opportunity to guest play this past weekend in a tournament at Thomas Brooks Park in Cary. There were four 10U teams in attendance (including hers), one of which she was an actual player for during the first half of the season. (It should be noted, we left that team over distance. They were in Linden which was making bi-weekly practices absolute HELL.)

A couple of innings into the game Audrey is lead-off batter. She grabs her bat and runs over to the on-deck circle located in front of her old, now opposing, team while she waits for them to take the field. In what could be almost described as a gang rush, the girls come streaming out to take the field, and swarm Audrey with hugs and laughter. Her black Carolina Outlaws uniform swimming in a sea of D-stroyers blue and orange.

This moment is one of many that all children should share within the “Softball Family”. There is no game important enough to tear down or trash talk an opposing team. There is nothing within your adult world that should impede, in any way, a child’s desire and love of the game or her “softball sisters”, regardless of the uniform they wear. One sport, many teams, and the potential for these girls to see each other again, and again, and again… as teammates or opponents… but always as lovers of the game.

It’s a simple task to keep your mouth shut, enjoy the game and support this bond. Don’t screw it up.

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