April 24, 2024

This past weekend was humbling, as we were promoted.


(Then) SSgt William Dambacher, M.A.eD, the terrifying, yet inspiring T.I. that taught our BMT flight about attention to detail, perseverance, and most importantly – goals — with his desire to someday be an MTI Blue Rope, and later become Chief. (He achieved both… and so much more… and learned to speak French along the way.)

(Then) SSgt Barry Bertocki who taught me a lesson I still pass on to others… “Stay Relevant”. Pair it with “Go where you’re needed” and you’ll go far. Simple, yet effective plans that served him right up through his retirement as Command Chief.

Chief Gordon Caviness, who stealthfully hid a message it took be several years to find, and whose recent mentorship paved the way for my success.

Plus the hundreds of others I’ve encountered along the way, the mentors, the airman that made me look good, even those that taught me how *not* to do it… and those that inspired me to be a better version of myself than I was yesterday.

Finally, saving the best for last, my family. My wife the veteran, the big kids (all who pursued some level of military service) and the two littles that already have their own plans (West Point and NASA). Your support through it all, when I was home and when I wasn’t, and your desire to follow anyway is amazing.

*We* made it, and I’ve enjoyed everyone’s company on the journey. #afrc #aimhigh

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