Monthly Archives: February 2004

More robots

It’s probably too early to say this is really cool, but the pictures they have at White Box Robotics seem to hold a lot of promise.  From what I’ve managed to lift, they’re designed with the Via Epia series of motherboards in mind, with Evolution Robotics software running under Windows XP.  I have a few work related ideas for the HMV version, if I can talk the boss into it!  (Check out this quick blurb on

For those of you looking for something a little more ready-made, check out the RoboSapien.  It’s $99.99 from Best Buy, and free shipping!

Happy Birthday to Me!

It’s the greatest birthday present ever!  I’m about 8 months older than my girlfriend.  Most of the year, she gets to announce that she is a year younger than I am.  So when she turned 36, about 2 weeks later I started thinking I was 37… which means tomorrow I’d be 38 years old.  That sucks.  Then she reminded me I was only 36, and I’m TURNING 37.  It was if someone gave me a box full of 366 days!  (And it happens on a leap year!  Double bonus.)  Sometimes I am amazed that I can walk and draw breath at the same time…

I’d like to point your attention to the N.A.Q. – Never Asked Questions.  It’s a little section I put together about a month ago consisting of answers to technical questions no one else seemed able to answer.  Would you believe it now draws more search engine referrals than the soft-core porn section?  Who says the Internet is all about dirty pictures?  (I was just as shocked as you….)

Also check out this nice little surprise…. I managed to get a review published on Bots and Bytes!  If you read the whole thing you’ll notice two things:

1.  It’s similar to the one I posted here (Now in the archive).
2.  You’re a NERD!