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Symantec / Norton Ghost won't work with my SATA / PATA drive.

Pretty simple math... Older versions of Ghost (pre 8.0) don't play well with SATA drives (results vary, but anything based on the D865 chipset is not going to work.  (For those playing the Dell game, the GX-270 is based on the d865 chipset.))

Newer versions of Ghost (8.0+) will work with SATA drives.

(Here's where it gets fun)

Newer versions of Ghost (8.0+) won't work on the D865 chipset *IF* it is using a PATA (IDE) hard drive.  (Again, those playing the Dell game, the GX270 had the option of parallel or serial hard drives.... so if you're using PATA, you need Ghost 7.5, if you're using SATA you need 8.0 or above.)

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