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When trying to update the firmware on my HP PhotoSmart 320 Camera I get an Error 103 (E103).  How do I correct this?

This is kind of tough to work out.  In a nutshell, older versions of the 320 have an issue writing to certain SD memory cards.  To flash the firmware, you have to use an SD card, but the file going on to the SD card is a little askew because the 320 can't write to certain memory cards very well.  Yes, I wrote that to look just like the big circle of "logic" it is.

If you have another SD memory card, from another manufacturer, trying using that.  If the error persists, you're going to have to get hold of an SD card reader for your PC. (Anywhere from $9-$39 bucks.  Best Buy has one for $79 that also comes with a 128mb SD chip.  I bought a multi-reader made by PNY.)  Format the card using the FAT file system.  Copy over the firmware file to the SD card, insert it into the camera, and retry the steps on the HP website for updating the firmware.  (By the way, as far as overall setup, HP's tech support website is the best I've ever seen.  Once you identify your model number, all navigation is done within the products "domain" until you request another item.  It truly rocks.  I wish others would adopt that model.  Of course, they still have some room for growth.... LIKE INFO ON THE E103 ERROR! :-)

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