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Touchpad/USB issues with the Dell Latitude D600

Despite my best efforts, I can't bring myself to dislike the Latitude D600.  Now, in its defense, it is a "first year" model, with Dell just recently retiring the C series.

There have been, however, quite a few glitches along the D600 road of life.  You can find the details on the Dell Forum, if you are patient... or you can just read and follow the directions below.

1.  UPDATE THE BIOS!  You should be at version A12 or above.  This corrects an issue with the touchpad/point stick freezing up and leaving you without a pointing device.  This upgrade will sometimes wipe out your video driver.  Just reinstall it.  Besides, XP SP2 upgrades go a lot smoother with A12 (or higher) installed prior to running the service pack installer.

2. Update every driver you can find.  Primarily touchpad and video.

Another issue on the D600 is Microsoft Excel going into a constant "scroll/highlight" mode.  (The mouse starts to highlight a series of cells, and just continues to scroll and highlight with no method of stopping it.)   Updating the touchpad driver, with BIOS A12 or above,  will fix this issue.

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