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A list of tech support issues I've run across that no one seems to have an answer for.  Easy answers for you, because I bumbled my way to a solution (or did eventually track down the truth.)

How do I make the best "No-Bake" cookies in the world?

How do I turn my old laptop into a digital picture frame?

My Windows XP system has 4gb of RAM, but only 3gb shows up in System Properties.  Why?

When trying to update the firmware on my HP PhotoSmart 320 Camera I get an Error 103 (E103).  How do I correct this?

Symantec / Norton Ghost won't work with my SATA / PATA drive.

My ferret is losing his/her hair in large quantities.  What is the problem?

What are R2-D2's Easter eggs, and how do I activate them?

How do I make my USB Key bootable?

How do I install Windows 98 on my USB Key?

The touchpad on my Dell Latitude series laptop is messing up.  What's up, and how do I fix it?

The hard drive keeps failing on my Dell C610 Laptop.  Why?

Touchpad and USB issues with the Dell Latitude D600?  Read this!

Internet Explorer's Information Bar / Pop-up Blocker has ruined my life!  How do I turn it off?

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