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There are a couple of changes to the site.  LW Blue is gone from the main menu.  Most of its traffic comes in straight from the search engines, and my kids are getting old enough to wander in there on their own... so I hide it a little deeper.  If you need the link, email me.

Secondly, I've updated the NAQ, and added a couple of new entries.  The most popular being XP's claim that it sees 4gb, while reality begs to differ.



I tracked down another "Lester in the News" piece.  It's actually a couple of quotes from a Durham Herald article (remember them?) on the very cool Mark Grady... a traffic guy that got the axe at G-105 during the great bloodletting of 1998. (Which resulted in Cosmo, Michelle the Slave Girl, Mark, and myself all being canned within a month of each other.... while the station was having its best book ever.... but I'm not bitter.... :-)

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