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It's the greatest birthday present ever!  I'm about 8 months older than my girlfriend.  Most of the year, she gets to announce that she is a year younger than I am.  So when she turned 36, about 2 weeks later I started thinking I was 37... which means tomorrow I'd be 38 years old.  That sucks.  Then she reminded me I was only 36, and I'm TURNING 37.  It was if someone gave me a box full of 366 days!  (And it happens on a leap year!  Double bonus.)  Sometimes I am amazed that I can walk and draw breath at the same time...

I'd like to point your attention to the N.A.Q. - Never Asked Questions.  It's a little section I put together about a month ago consisting of answers to technical questions no one else seemed able to answer.  Would you believe it now draws more search engine referrals than the soft-core porn section?  Who says the Internet is all about dirty pictures?  (I was just as shocked as you....)

Also check out this nice little surprise.... I managed to get a review published on Bots and Bytes!  If you read the whole thing you'll notice two things:

1.  It's similar to the one I posted here (Now in the archive).
2.  You're a NERD!

If you're visiting from, and you dig other things radio, check out NCRADIO.NET and WVRADIO.NET.  (Having worked in those states helps, but it is by no means a requirement!)

I am, once again, a proud member of the Air Force Reserves.

That's my friend Eugene (Already activated) performing the honors.

This should be interesting, to say the least. :-)


The good news is: "KEEN EDDIE" IS BACK!!!!!!!  The Bravo Network has picked it up to air Tuesday nights at 9pm!

The bad news is, at least for me, our cable company doesn't carry it.  DAMN YOU TIME-WARNER CABLE!  DAMN YOU TO HELL!!!!! (But I dig the cable modem.)

Have you ever wandered across something that when  you saw it you knew INSTANTLY that the world was changed forever?  It may not change immediately, but as a result of this event, the world is never going to be the same?  Kitty Hawk?  The moment the ISS was fully staffed?

Well, check out Sony's addition to the humanoid robot line (originally pioneered by Honda... this is the next level, and way the hell beyond.)  Sit down, and hold your jaw in place, lest you crack it on the countertop when you... watch.... this.....

Sony's QRIO

I found a cool new website:  WEBATTACK.COM  They just pointed me in the direction of some file recovery software that is pulling my bacon out of the fire as we speak.  (Don't panic over the link, they are changing their name to SnapFiles.  I don't know why... Web Attack sounds much cooler!)


From: "Lester" 
Sent: Saturday, November 08, 2003 9:54 PM
Subject: Webcam.

Given the amount of sunlight that hits the moon (for solar
power), and the ability to get telemetry back from there (as
proven with the Apollo moon shots), why isn't there a webcam
on the moon?

I mean, it doesn't even have to be a great quality one.  
Just a picture.... maybe updated once an hour even.... just 

(Sorry, but the question came to me tonight while watching 
the eclipse, and wondering what it looked like from there.)

Just curious.....


You know, they'd probably get a lot more work done if they didn't have to answer  dumbass questions from people like me.


David L. Cosner, LCPL, USMC
Lest We Forget


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