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About Me

My name is Chris Lester.  I live in Raleigh, North Carolina.  I love messing around with computers, and photography.  I used to SCUBA dive, and hope to take it up again someday.

I was born in Mobile, Alabama.  Unfortunately, I've only been back there a handful of times since I moved away (at the geriatric age of 18 months old.)  I've lived in South Point (OH), Kernersville (NC), Elkins (WV), Fayetteville (NC), and Morgantown (WV).

A big chunk of my moving around was the result of my post high school career: Radio.  I started in the business in Elkins working for WELK (K95).  I was hired as a overnight board operator, and by the time I left (5 years later) I was Assistant Program Director and afternoon drive announcer.  Small town radio rocks.  I left to join the military (more  on that later) and returned to radio as soon as I came off of active duty.  Highlights of the radio biz... working at WKEE in Huntington, WV (I listened to KEE as a child when I would visit my Grandmother in South Point.  When I started in radio I hoped I would some day be good enough to work there....).  Highlight #2: WBZZ in Pittsburgh.  Market #19 (at the time) and to this day the largest market I've worked in.  

Arguably, I was the first person to ever post a tape and resume on the World Wide Web.  Problem was, in 1995, radio stations (being run by cheap sum'bitches like they usually are) didn't have internet access... and if they did, their computer didn't have a soundcard!  (This was also before the wonderful days of broadband, and MP3, which means my aircheck was a HUGE .wav file.)  I enjoyed the radio thing, met some great people, and have great stories to tell.... like being "Frozen alive inside a 5000 pound block of ice".  Good times.

(Mini Radio Resume, links go to airchecks: WELK Elkins...WDNE Elkins (for 3 weeks, two of them were my two weeks notice.)...WELK Elkins (again)...[Joined the military, but worked part-time in radio at:] WFKS Mary Esther...WWSF Fort Walton Beach...[Left active duty] WKEE Huntington...WCIE-AM Spring Lake (1 week, the station was only on the air 3 total)...WAZZ Laurinburg...WIOZ Southern Pines...WDCG Raleigh...WVAQ Morgantown...WBZZ Pittsburgh...WDCG Raleigh (again)... WTRG Raleigh (for 1 week as a fill-in)...WRDU Raleigh)

If you're easily lost, here is the cast of characters: Chris Lester, who became Chris Thomas, who became Chris Knight, who then became Lester.

A1C Lester and MWD Ringo - 274DI served in the US Air Force as a Military Working Dog Handler (K-9).  My duty stations were Hurlburt Field Florida, and Anderson AFB Guam (Where I earned the nickname "Crack").  From Florida, I was temporarily deployed to the Republic of Panama.  I  served 3 years in the Air Force Reserve at Coraopolis (PA).  During that time I was deployed to the exotic locations of Kunsan AB Korea and Volk Field Wisconsin. (You should be so lucky).  After a 6 year break in service, I re-enlisted in the reserves, where I deployed to Kuwait in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom.

I've been married three times, but only divorced twice, which puts me ahead... in my opinion.   I lost Wife #1.... well, I didn't actually lose her.  I know where she is... she just sleeps with someone else now. (If you go to the LW Blue section, I swear I think that's her in the PlayBall video.)  I met Wife #2 while in the military (She was in the A.F. as well)  We had a kid, waited awhile, had another kid, then got deee-vorced several years later.

They say "third time's a charm", which had damn well better be the case.  I have two incredibly cool little boys (Yeah, everybody says that about their kids... but in my case, IT'S TRUE!  Just ask me), a step-daughter that has the brain of a robot, and a beautiful new baby daughter.

Now I moderate a couple of message boards, hopped out of the radio business, and work as a systems administrator for a REALLY cool software development company.    

Anything that isn't already copyrighted elsewhere, copyright me 1995-2008